Parental Real-Time Reporting

for Children receiving Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Services

Florida Community Care (FCC) wants to encourage parents and guardians to notify FCC right away if they feel like their child has experienced any failures by a provider to provide authorized PDN services. 

  • Please contact your FCC care manager immediately for any failure to receive services. 

In addition, FCC has added more ways for parents and guardians to immediately notify FCC of PDN service failures: 

What is PDN and how can it fail?

Florida Medicaid PDN services are medically necessary skilled nursing services that may be provided to recipients under the age of 21 years in their home or community to support the care required by their complex medical condition, illness, or injury. 

A “failure to provide PDN Services” means that an authorized PDN service was not provided. A failure to provide PDN services is not a failure to provide PDN Services if the service was refused or if the authorized PDN hours were not delivered because the recipient was hospitalized. 

What should a parent or guardian do if their child has experienced a PDN failure?

We encourage parents and guardians to: 

  1. Contact their FCC care manager 
  2. Call our dedicated toll-free number 24/7 365 days - 1-833-768-1574 
  3. E-mail our secure inbox 

In addition to the methods listed above, parents and guardians can always contact FCC’s main Member Services number at 1-833-322-7526 for assistance. 

The care manager’s contact information can be obtained by contacting FCC’s Member Services number at 1-833-322-7526, Monday – Friday, 8 am to 8 pm. If a caller uses TTY, they may call 711, and language interpretation services are also available. 


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